Brush Teeth Before Or After Breakfast?

Brush Teeth Before Or After Breakfast? - MySweetSmile

Silly question right? Obviously, it's after breakfast, who'd want to mix the taste of toothpaste with their scrambled eggs in the morning!

Well, our friend Dr. Donald Pereslete has some very different thoughts and he may have just changed our morning routines forever.

Whilst we sleep and our mouths are inactive, they become the perfect place for bacteria to breed and attach themselves to teeth, this is where the term "morning breath" comes from. 

Dr. Donald states that by waking up and consuming that nice tall glass of orange juice or cup of coffee, we're actually feeding this bacteria and allowing it to produce acids that can damage tooth enamel and gums.

His solution? Make brushing your teeth the very first thing you do in the morning. By doing so you'll be brushing off all that harmful bacteria from your teeth and protecting against damage. Resulting in a healthier mouth. 

Guess we're just going to have to deal with the taste of toothpaste in our mouths as we take our first few sips of coffee! 


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