What is Plaque & What Causes It?

What is Plaque & What Causes It?

We’ve all got Dental Plaque on our teeth, some more than others. But what’s the danger of not nipping it in the bud, and removing it as early as it builds-up? Let’s find out…

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that is constantly forming on the teeth. After you eat and drink, this bacteria produces acids in your mouth. These acids can destroy tooth enamel and cause cavities and gum disease.

Wondering how to spot it? In some cases, it may be obvious, but in others, it won’t. If your teeth have a fuzzy feeling and not a smooth one, when you run your tongue over them, that’s plaque right there.

What causes Plaque?

So we know that bacteria exist in the mouth. Plaque is formed when this bacteria mixes with sugary or starchy foods, such as milk, juice, soft drinks, and bread. If you don’t brush your teeth soon after eating or drinking, like most of us don’t after lunch, the mix of bacteria, acids and carbohydrates can mix into this film called plaque.

Removal & Prevention of Plaque

In some cases, the build-up of plaque may be so significant, only a dentist can remove it with professional tools. However, in most cases the below daily methods will have you covered:

  • Floss daily - flossing once a day gets rid of food and plaque stuck between the teeth. Floss before brushing for best results.

  • Brush after every meal - brush for two minutes with a soft-bristled toothbrush, preferably after every meal. Oh, and make sure your brush is up to scratch.

Following these tips but still seeing Plaque build? 

It may be time to invest in other methods. Our Teeth Whitening Powder is excellent for the fast-removal of Plaque. It contains an ingredient called Calcium Carbonate, which is activated when brushed against the tooth's surface. This magic ingredient, amongst others, removes plaque, debris, and even surface stains. It’s the reason why nearly everyone who uses our Powder comments on how smooth and clean their teeth feel afterwards, it’s because the Plaque has been removed!