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Remove Stubborn Stains & Get That Dentist-Clean Feeling.

The Whitening Powder removes all types of surface stains like those caused by tea, coffee, wine & smoking. In only 4-minutes, it'll leave your teeth looking brighter than ever, whilst feeling like they've just had a professional scale & polish at the dentist.

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See Instantly Whiter & Brighter Teeth - Without Sensitivity.

Our PAP Whitening Strips™ are designed to remove years worth of built-up stains from within the tooth's surface for a whiter & brighter smile after only a single 30-minute whitening treatment.

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No Peroxide Means No Enamel Damage or Irritated Gums.

The Whitening Powder and PAP Strips are formulated to whiten the teeth without causing damage to them. We only use peroxide-free, low abrasive ingredients that are clinically proven to whiten the teeth without causing sensitivity, gum irritation or demineralisation to the tooth enamel.

Here's How To Use The Kit 👇

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Got Questions? We've Got The Answers 📖

1. Brush for 4 minutes with the Teeth Whitening Powder.

2. Peel open a strip sachet to reveal two whitening strips.

3. Place the smaller strip on your bottom teeth, and the larger strip on your top teeth. Tuck away any overhanging strip behind the teeth to ensure even whitening.

4. After 30 minutes, peel the strips off and rinse away any residual gel.

5. Brush with your regular toothpaste for 2 minutes.

When applied to your teeth, each strip firmly adheres to the tooth surface and begins to release the active ingredients of the formula into the tooth’s structure to provide fast whitening results from the very first treatment.

The active whitening ingredient, PAP, enters through the enamel of the teeth and gently breaks down stain molecules into smaller forms. The smaller the molecule, the lighter in colour it is, resulting in an overall whiter tooth.

Our Whitening Powder has been formulated with an ingredient clinically proven to prevent sensitivity. It's called Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate, and it works by safely forming a protective barrier over nerve endings in the teeth.

Traditional whitening strips use a peroxide-based formula that can trigger tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. MySweetSmile® PAP Strips instead utilise a sensitivity-free PAP-based formula, 100% free from peroxide.

Peroxide-based formulas work through a process known as free-radical oxidisation. Which, when not administered under dentist supervision, can cause severe sensitivity, irritated gums, and demineralisation of your tooth enamel.

PAP similarly reacts with tooth stains, only without the release of free radicals. This means that the molecules responsible for discolouration are broken down safely, without any risk of sensitivity, pain, or damage to the enamel.

People commonly recommend using sodium bicarbonate or charcoal products. However, these ingredients rely solely on their abrasive nature, which over time can cause irreparable damage to the teeth through the gradual etching of the enamel.

Our Whitening Powder is safe for your enamel as it does not use an abrasive whitening method. Instead, it oxidises tooth stains with the active whitening ingredient Pentasodium Triphosphate, which provides effective results with no sensitivity, gum irritation or enamel etching.

After your first treatment, based on your results, you can decide whether you want to continue using the Strips for fourteen consecutive days or save the remaining strips for future treatments as and when you feel your teeth need a whitening boost.

Use the Powder 1-2 times per week to continue removing stains and prevent the daily consumption of super-stainers like tea, coffee, wine and tobacco from building up on your teeth and becoming difficult to remove.

Whilst the Powder & Strips are safe to use on caps, implants, bridges, veneers, or bonding, these aren’t designed to be whitened and require special care from your dentist.

The Powder and PAP Whitening Strips™ work to remove both internal and external stains from natural teeth. This means they will help keep your surrounding teeth the same shade as those that have had dental work.

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