The Modern Evolution of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has long been a pursuit of humankind. From ancient civilisations using rudimentary methods to today's cutting-edge treatments, we've come a long way in our quest for the perfect smile. Dive into the fascinating evolution of teeth whitening, culminating in MySweetSmile’s game-changing approach.

The Ancient Glow-Up

Believe it or not, the quest for pearly whites dates back thousands of years! Ancient Egyptians concocted pastes using crushed pumice and wine vinegar. Meanwhile, the Romans favoured something more peculiar—urine, which, due to its ammonia content, had whitening properties. Glad we've moved past that, right?

18th Century: The Perilous Powdered Smile

Fast-forwarding a bit, the 18th-century European elite used whitening powders, which were unfortunately laden with acid, eroding the enamel. The luminous shine came at the expense of long-term dental health. As a result, decay and dental issues weren’t uncommon.

20th Century: The Dawn of Modern Whitening

Thankfully, by the 20th century, safer, more effective methods emerged. Dentists started to use hydrogen peroxide, which penetrated the enamel and lightened the tooth's inner dentin layer. But, this method wasn’t without its drawbacks—namely, sensitivity and discomfort.

MySweetSmile: Revolutionising the Teeth Whitening Game

Enter MySweetSmile, set against the backdrop of this rich history. Our core belief? Teeth whitening should not only be effective but also safe and gentle.

  • A Safer Approach: Bypassing the sensitivity-causing hydrogen peroxide, MySweetSmile harnessed the power of advanced formulas. Our award-winning Teeth Whitening Powder and PAP-powered Teeth Whitening Strips have become beloved staples for many, setting a new standard for at-home treatments.

  • Press and Awards: Our commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recognised by The Independent, The Guardian, and The Times, UK, MySweetSmile has secured its place as the UK's #1 best-selling teeth whitening brand.

  • Innovation at its Core: From our Precision Teeth Whitening Pen for on-the-go touch-ups to our groundbreaking nHA+ Enamel Care Serum, we've expanded beyond whitening, addressing the holistic needs of oral care.

To a Brighter Tomorrow

At MySweetSmile, we view our products not just as treatments, but as testaments to how far teeth whitening has come. And as we continue to pioneer in this space, we remain committed to crafting products that light up your smile, safely and effectively.