Can I use hydrogen peroxide on my teeth?

Hydrogen peroxide, a chemical compound made up of hydrogen and oxygen, has long been hailed as the go-to solution for teeth whitening. But recent years have seen an increasing shift away from this substance, with countries like the UK and the EU effectively banning it in teeth whitening products. What's the reason behind this move?

While hydrogen peroxide has a reputation for breaking down stains on your teeth and revealing a whiter smile, research suggests it's not all bright smiles. Studies have found that frequent use or high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can lead to tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. More so, it's harsh on dental work such as crowns and veneers, potentially damaging their appearance over time.

Thankfully, dental research has paved the way for a safer, gentler alternative - Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP). Developed and thoroughly tested by dental professionals, PAP works similarly to peroxide, targeting only stains and discolouration without causing sensitivity, irritation, or enamel damage.

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