Teeth Whitening Pen

Introducing The Whitening Pen

We've taken the Advanced PAP formula already in our fans' favourite Whitening Strips, and designed a pocket-sized pen that's perfect for use on crooked or crowded teeth.

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Whether you're looking to remove stains & yellowing, or plaque & tartar, we've got a solution for every smile care goal.


Peroxide-based products damage your tooth enamel, causing sensitivity & irritation. Our products are peroxide-free, which means that you'll get fast & effective whitening results without the nasty side effects.

What's your smile goal?

  • Remove Stains, Plaque & Tartar

  • Remove Yellowing & Whiten Teeth

  • Whiten Crooked/Crowded Teeth

We knew there had to be a better way to whiten.

Come with us and explore the journey behind MySweetSmile so far.

Whitening Trio Bundle

Save 20% on the Whitening Trio Bundle and combine the power of all our products for a stain-free, brighter & whiter smile in minutes.

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