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All products

Whether you're looking to remove stubborn stains, whiten & brighten overall, or reduce sensitivity & strengthen enamel - we've got solutions for every smile care goal.

For the fastest & most effective results, we suggest shopping our Bundles. They feature all of our fan-favourite product combinations and save you 20% as opposed to buying them separately.

A bit about us & our products.

Today, the MySweetSmile community stands at over 100,000 customers across the globe. But we aren't not done yet. Every day we continue to work with dental experts to develop products backed by science and driven by the belief that smile care should be both safe & effective.

Our product range includes teeth whitening products formulated with our peroxide-free active whitening ingredient, PAP. As well as targeted formulas that help you achieve specific smile care goals, like reducing sensitivity & strengthening tooth enamel.