Before MySweetSmile, home teeth whitening wasn't always a pleasant experience.

Picture your previous home teeth whitening experiences - discomfort, sensitivity, a bit of uncertainty, maybe? We didn't think that sounded too great either. So, at MySweetSmile, we decided to change things up.

Our journey started with a clear goal in mind: to transform home teeth whitening for the better. But as we delved deeper, our mission grew. We became set on not just improving whitening, but overall oral care too. We didn't want you just to have a whiter smile, but a healthier one.

A forbidden ingredient: The turning point for home teeth whitening.

It all traces back to Hydrogen Peroxide. That’s right—the culprit behind all the discomfort, and the ingredient that turned the teeth whitening world on its head. Meant for the dentist's chair, not your bathroom, this potent substance had found its way into everyday products, leading to quite the uproar—and a big, fat ban in the UK and EU for concentrations over 0.1%.

This revelation hit us hard. We couldn't simply stand by and allow teeth whitening to be a painful, harmful process. We felt compelled to act—to create a safer, yet equally effective alternative. And so, MySweetSmile was born. Our focus? Oral health safety and undeniable effectiveness. And let's just say, we've been walking the talk. With over 150,000 beaming customers worldwide, it's clear we're onto something special. Your trust fuels our commitment, pushing us to continue innovating in a world where smiling shouldn't cause you a wince of pain.

Product 1: Our Award-Winning Teeth Whitening Powder.

Our first mark in the sand was made with the now dentist-approved Teeth Whitening Powder. But this wasn't just another teeth whitening product. It was a clarion call—a bold declaration that teeth whitening doesn't mean risking your oral health. Designed to dissolve stains safely and gently, our revolutionary formula tackles stains head-on without so much as a scratch to your precious enamel.

This trailblazing creation didn't go unnoticed. Bagging the 'Best Teeth Whitening Product of 2023' title by The Independent, it was clear we weren't the only ones impressed. With every sparkling smile, our powder continues to redefine what at-home teeth whitening can and should be.

Product 2: Our PAP-powered Teeth Whitening Strips.

We listened to your wish for the convenience of whitening strips without the worry of sensitivity or enamel damage, and answered with our innovative MySweetSmile PAP Teeth Whitening Strips. Powered by our exclusive PAP formula, these strips don’t just promise— they deliver the whitening effects you crave without the dreaded peroxide hangover.

A mere 30-minute application reveals visible results — making it the go-to choice for those always-on-the-move or those looking to add that extra sparkle to their smile before a special event. With our PAP Teeth Whitening Strips, the dream of a bright, confident smile is just a 30-minute strip session away.

Product 3: Our highly-requested Precision Teeth Whitening Pen.

We kept the wheel of innovation spinning and delivered a gem in response to your demands - the Precision Teeth Whitening Pen. More than just an effective tool, it's a companion for the perpetually on the go, squeezing the power of teeth whitening into a compact, user-friendly form.

The precision applicator takes the fuss out of reaching those stubborn spots, propelling the teeth whitening process into a realm of simplicity previously unimagined. This pen isn't just a product—it's an indispensable accessory for anyone desiring a radiant smile, regardless of where their journey takes them.

Product 4: The product that changed everything. Our groundbreaking nHA+ Enamel Care Serum.

Our mission was never confined to teeth whitening alone. We turned our focus to a widespread issue—sensitivity, a common yet hidden burden for many. Rising to this challenge, we devised the nHA+ Enamel Care Serum. Not your typical sensitivity toothpaste offering short-lived relief—our serum takes on sensitivity at its root. Actively regenerating and remineralising tooth enamel, it provides enduring relief from tooth sensitivity.

This groundbreaking product was a significant leap in our journey, and it underscored our dedication to helping everyone lead a life free of dental discomfort.

Gaining laudits and winning awards from the world's biggest publishers along the way.

When it comes to our dedication to safe, effective, and innovative oral care solutions, reputable publishers have taken note. The Independent, awarded us the prestigious title of 'Best Teeth Whitening Brand 2023'. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to revolutionising oral care. Notably, The Guardian, UK, hails us as "the perfect solution for tea, coffee & wine lovers," while The Times, UK, recognises our teeth whitening product as "enamel-safe and free from sensitivity." The Daily Mail, UK, applauds our nHA+ Enamel Care Serum for effectively combatting sensitive teeth.

These accolades from esteemed publishers affirm our mission and inspire us to continuously deliver innovative solutions that truly make a difference. We are honoured to have earned their trust, and we are even more motivated to continue pushing the boundaries of oral care excellence.

The driving force behind MySweetSmile - Our 500,000+ member community

At MySweetSmile, we're not just a brand—we're a tight-knit community. Our customers, whom we proudly call our community members, hold the reins of our decision-making process. Every product we create, every innovation we introduce, and every step we take forward is driven by the needs and feedback of our community. We value their voices, and their smiles shape our path.

Together, we're more than a brand—we're a community that cares deeply about your satisfaction and oral well-being. With your trust and collaboration, we're able to shape the future of oral care, one smile at a time.

It's been a busy few years, but we're just getting started...

Today, as we look back at our journey, we're filled with pride for what we've achieved and anticipation for what's next. As we continue to innovate and disrupt the oral care industry, we're driven by our belief: everyone should be able to smile freely, without pain or hesitation. And at MySweetSmile, we're just getting started.

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