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PAP Teeth Whitening Strips
PAP Teeth Whitening Strips
PAP Teeth Whitening Strips
PAP Teeth Whitening Strips
PAP Teeth Whitening Strips
PAP Teeth Whitening Strips
PAP Teeth Whitening Strips
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  • Remove years of yellowing in 30 minutes.
  • Won't cause sensitivity or gum irritation.
  • Dentist-approved, Advanced PAP formula.
  • Recommended by The Guardian, Times, etc.
  • Includes 10 individually packaged treatments.

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Say goodbye to yellowing & hello to a whiter & more confident smile.

Our Teeth Whitening Strips use the active whitening ingredient: PAP (Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid) which delivers instantly noticeable & professional whitening results after just a single 30-minute treatment.

Finally, teeth whitening strips that don't cause sensitivity & irritation.

Traditional whitening strips use a peroxide-based formula that causes tooth sensitivity & enamel damage. Instead, our Strips use a PAP-based formula that provides fast whitening results, without any nasty side effects.

Includes 10 individually packaged & on-the-go whitening treatments.

After your first treatment, depending on your desired shade, you can decide whether to use the remaining strips to complete a 10-day course or save them for when you feel your teeth need a whitening top-up.

Commonly Asked Questions

Tear open a sachet to reveal two whitening strips. Place the smaller strip on your bottom teeth and the larger strip on your top teeth. After 30 minutes, peel the strips off and rinse away any residual gel.

Based on your results, you can continue using the strips for ten consecutive days or save the remaining strips for future treatments as needed.

Our Teeth Whitening Strips effectively remove a wide range of stains and yellowing, including those from coffee, tea, food, wine, tobacco, and more.

Unlike traditional peroxide-based whitening strips, our peroxide-free PAP-based formula provides fast whitening results without causing sensitivity or enamel damage.

No, our Teeth Whitening Strips are specifically designed to be gentle on teeth and gums. Unlike traditional peroxide-based whitening products, our strips use a peroxide-free formula with the active whitening ingredient PAP (Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid). This advanced formula effectively removes stains and discolouration without causing sensitivity, gum irritation or enamel damage.

Yes, MySweetSmile Teeth Whitening Strips are safe for use on dental work such as caps, implants, bridges, veneers, and bonding.

It's important to note that the strips will only whiten natural teeth. Dental work is often lighter than natural teeth, so using our Teeth Whitening Strips can help maintain a consistent appearance by keeping the surrounding natural teeth the same shade as those with dental work, ensuring an evenly coloured smile.

Our Teeth Whitening Strips deliver visible results after just one use. Each strip firmly adheres to the tooth surface, releasing our advanced PAP formula for effective whitening. You can save remaining strips for future whitening treatments.

Our Teeth Whitening Strips are formulated with a carefully selected blend of ingredients that ensure a gentle yet effective whitening experience. Here are the key components and their purposes:

Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP): This active whitening ingredient is scientifically proven to safely remove stains and discoloration from the tooth surface without causing sensitivity or enamel damage.

Sodium Hydroxide: A commonly used ingredient in teeth whitening that safely and gently removes stains from within the enamel layer.

PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone): This protective ingredient helps to prevent the buildup of stains on the tooth surface, ensuring long-lasting whitening results.

The full list of ingredients in our Teeth Whitening Strips is as follows: Glycerin, PVP, Ethylcellulose, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid, Alcohol, Hydrated Silica, Dicalcium Phosphate, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Menthol.

Unlike competing products, these ingredients comply with UK, EU, and US regulations and are formulated to deliver a gentle and effective teeth whitening experience.

MySweetSmile PAP Teeth Whitening Strips are fluoride-free and formulated without peroxide, PEG, parabens, or phthalates. This ensures a gentle yet effective whitening experience without causing sensitivity or gum irritation.

The whitening effects of our Teeth Whitening Strips are long-lasting. However, individual factors such as oral hygiene habits and dietary choices can affect the duration. To maintain your desired level of whiteness, we recommend incorporating the use of the strips into your regular oral care routine with a weekly 30-minute treatment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Marie Palmer
Definitely pleased

Tried these after having used a similar product and am very happy with the result.
There’s no sensitivity issues and I really could see a difference in whiteness, have now bought the powder as well to hopefully maintain the results.

I’m loving my products the strips and the powder have noticed a difference

I will carry on using them definitely

My favourite so far !

As a smoker and tea lover I have never seen my teeth look this good, even after a dental cleaning. Very generous amount included in the box so I will continue to buy when I finish my current box

Results in one use - good for sensitive teeth

These work just as you'd hope after the first session and without any sensitivity

Happy 😄

These strips stick really well to my teeth, they do not taste bad and they gradually whiten your teeth after the first one to two treatments. I wouldn't say they whiten like a dentist, but when I had mine whitened at a dentist it made my teeth feel funny for a few days, which these do not do making them a great alternative at an affordable price 😊

Christa L
Whitens great

I'm very pleased with this product. The whitening power is as great as more expensive products, they just take a little bit of patience to peel off your teeth once finished but other than that I recommend these to anyone

It works

These work even after one use

I cannot recommend these enough

I highly recommend these to anyone who is feeling a little self-conscious about their smile. I noticed myself always hiding my teeth in photos because of the yellowing that has accumulated with age, but having used these for ten days I feel like I've turned back time. My teeth look so much whiter and I'm finally feeling like I can smile with my teeth out without embarrassing myself. Don't get me wrong they're not as white as you see on TV but don't forget most models on TV have veneers anyway. However, they will restore the natural whiteness to your smile and make them sparkle again.

These r great

These r good I have badly stained n yellow teeth from red wine n other foods over the yrs but these whitened my teeth v v well will be buying again soon

Easy to use and comfortable

These are very easy to use and comfortable to wear for half an hour whilst getting on with your day