Tips to help you maintain good oral health as you age

Ageing can bring its fair share of challenges, including to your oral health.

As we get older, the risk of mouth and tooth infections tends to rise, which can lead to complications like tooth loss. But fear not! Keeping your teeth and mouth in top-notch shape is all about adopting some simple dos and don'ts.

Let's dive into these practical tips to help you maintain a healthy and beaming smile as you age!


1. Let's start with the obvious one: avoid smoking or chewing tobacco. Those habits can spell trouble for your oral health, contributing to gum disease, tooth loss, and even oral cancer.

2. If you can, steer clear of medications that reduce saliva production. Saliva is like a superhero for your teeth, fighting off decay, and when it's reduced, so is your mouth's natural defence system.

3. Watch out for sugary culprits! Try to minimise your intake of high-sugar foods and sticky candies. Sugar loves to feed harmful bacteria in your mouth, leading to plaque buildup and tooth decay.

4. Pay attention to dry mouth symptoms. It can be quite uncomfortable and also increase the risk of tooth decay. If you experience it, contact your dentist or medical provider for some helpful solutions.

5. Last but not least, don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the day, particularly after consuming foods & drinks that contain tannins that stain teeth. This helps minimise the staining and yellowing caused.

Now, let's move on to the DOs, the positive steps that can make a big difference in your oral health:

1. Want to give your saliva production a boost? Chew on sugarless candy or gum with xylitol. It'll get your saliva flowing, keeping your mouth fresh and healthy.

2. Brush, brush, brush! Don't forget to brush your teeth daily with nHA+ Enamel Care Serum. It's your daily ticket to ensuring your teeth stay strong and cavity-free.

3. Floss like a boss! Make flossing a part of your daily routine. It reaches those tight spaces between your teeth and along the gum line, where toothbrushes can't reach, preventing gum disease and keeping your smile radiant.

4. Stay on top of your dental check-ups. Schedule dental cleanings and oral health assessments with your dentist at least twice a year. These visits allow professionals to catch and treat any oral issues early, ensuring your smile stays in top shape as you age.

5. Here's an exciting one! Check out our Whitening Trio Bundle. It's the ultimate smile transformation kit! With the Powder, Strips, and Pen, you'll brush away stains, brighten up years' worth of yellowing, and target those tricky spots in one go.

By following these easy and effective dos and don'ts, you can keep your pearly whites shining and your oral health in tip-top condition as you embrace the journey of ageing. Don't forget, a healthy smile is a happy smile! 😊