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Precision Teeth Whitening Pen
Precision Teeth Whitening Pen
Precision Teeth Whitening Pen
Precision Teeth Whitening Pen
Precision Teeth Whitening Pen
Precision Teeth Whitening Pen
Precision Teeth Whitening Pen

Precision Teeth Whitening Pen

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  • Delivers instant whitening results.
  • Ideal for crooked or crowded teeth.
  • Won't cause sensitivity or gum irritation.
  • Recommended by The Guardian, Times, etc.
  • Pocket-sized & perfect for whitening on-the-go.

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See instant whitening results, no matter where you are.

Store the pen in your pocket, handbag or car and use it right before a date, night out, or selfie. Just twist the base of the pen to dispense the gel, and apply it directly to your teeth to remove built-up stains & yellowing in minutes.

Ideal for delivering targeted whitening to hard-to-reach spots.

Our Whitening Pen uses a precision brush that's the perfect size for providing targeted & direct whitening to crooked or crowded teeth. Just twist the base of the pen to dispense the gel, and apply it directly to your teeth to remove built-up stains & yellowing in minutes.

Powered by our tried & tested Advanced PAP whitening formula.

Instead of using a peroxide-based formula that causes sensitivity, irritation & enamel damage, the Teeth Whitening Pen uses our tried & tested PAP-based formula that already powers our fans' favourite Teeth Whitening Strips.

Commonly Asked Questions

Twist the base of the pen to dispense gel onto the brush. Paint a thin layer of whitening gel evenly onto your teeth. Leave to whiten for 10 minutes, then spit & rinse with water

Use the Teeth Whitening Pen daily or as needed, such as before an event, date or selfie to give your smile a whitening boost.

Our Teeth Whitening Pen effectively removes a wide range of stains and yellowing, including those from coffee, tea, food, wine, tobacco, and more.

Unlike traditional peroxide-based whitening products, our peroxide-free PAP-based formula provides fast whitening results without causing sensitivity or enamel damage.

No, our Teeth Whitening Pen is specifically designed to be gentle on teeth and gums. Our pen uses a peroxide-free formula with the active whitening ingredient PAP (Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid). This advanced formula effectively removes stains and discoloration without causing sensitivity, gum irritation, or enamel damage.

Yes, the MySweetSmile Teeth Whitening Pen is safe for use on dental work such as caps, implants, bridges, veneers, and bonding.

It's important to note that the pen will only whiten natural teeth. Dental work is often lighter than natural teeth, so using our Teeth Whitening Pen can help maintain a consistent appearance by keeping the surrounding natural teeth the same shade as those with dental work, ensuring an evenly coloured smile.

When applied, the whitening gel begins to release the active ingredients of our Advanced PAP formula into the tooth's structure. This provides fast whitening results without causing any of the sensitivity that peroxide-based whiteners are known to cause.

Our Teeth Whitening Pen is formulated with a carefully selected blend of ingredients that ensure a gentle yet effective whitening experience. Here are the key components and their purposes:

Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP): This active whitening ingredient is scientifically proven to safely remove stains and discoloration from the tooth surface without causing sensitivity or enamel damage.

Hydroxyapatite (nHA): A naturally occurring mineral and the main component of teeth. Our Advanced PAP formula contains a nano-synthetic version that strengthens and remineralises damaged enamel, reducing tooth sensitivity, periodontitis, and oral bacteria.

PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone): This protective ingredient helps to prevent the buildup of stains on the tooth surface, ensuring long-lasting whitening results.

The full list of ingredients in our Teeth Whitening Pen is as follows: Aqua, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Xanthan Gum, PVP, Hydroxyapatite, Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, Sodium Saccharin, Menthol, Mentha Viridis Leaf Oil, Mica, Disodium EDTA.

Unlike competing products, these ingredients comply with UK, EU, and US regulations and are formulated to deliver a gentle and effective teeth whitening experience.

The MySweetSmile Teeth Whitening Pen is fluoride-free and formulated without peroxide, PEG, parabens, or phthalates. This ensures a gentle yet effective whitening experience without causing sensitivity or gum irritation.

The whitening effects of our Teeth Whitening Pen are long-lasting. However, individual factors such as oral hygiene habits and dietary choices can affect the duration. To maintain your desired level of whiteness, we recommend incorporating the use of the pen into your regular oral care routine by using it daily or as needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Excellent product

This whitening pen works fast and is very easy to use. My teeth do not become sensitive when using it. My second purchase and will keep buying.

Craig W
Daughter happy with this

Bought this for my daughter, she said she noticed a difference right away and it’s easy to use

Will buy again.

This teeth whitening system is easy to use. Application is simple and it goes on in seconds. Depending on how often you use it, whitening of teeth can be accomplished faster. Have purchased before and will buy again.

Lisa Fritz
Easy teeth whitening with no sensitivity

Used product for one week and saw the whitening effects. Easy to use and absolutely no sensitivity. Recommend to people who have experienced sensitivity with other whitening products.

mary beth
Works very well and it’s handy to use

Works very well and it’s handy to use!
I would recommend and it’s a great deal!

MySweetSmile Teeth Whitening Pen Review

This product was amazing definitely give it a thumbs up. It says use three times per week but I used mine once per day because I had really bad teeth before and noticed the difference immediately, it took around a month of daily use before I ran out of gel which is good for the price, and I will buy again soon. Hihgly recommended.

Excellent value, easy to apply and works!

This product is extremely easy to use. It has made a significant difference in the whiteness of my teeth. My upper two front teeth seemed to always get the bulk of tea/coffee stains. I have used awkward trays and expensive dentist-supplied whitening solutions before but this economical product has done as good a job as any of the over-priced and uncomfortable whitening processes I have used in the past. I highly recommend this product.

Has made a noticeable difference

At first I was sceptical about whether this would work, but good price so thought I'd give it a go and after a couple of weeks it has made a noticeable difference. Very pleased.

MySweetSmile Customer
It works

Quite effective teeth whitening pen, never tought it would work so well.
I was a bit skeptical at first but it was quick to see real results.
Has a pleasant minty taste.
Easy to follow instructions.
Only a small portion will go a long way.

Lily Slinger
Two shades lighter within a week

This whitening pen is easy to use and didn't cause any sensitivity for my usually very sensitive teeth.

You do need to use it around 3 times a week to see the effects, but I did manage to go two shades whiter within a week, so definite improvement for me.

Overall, a good and effective product if you get into a routine with it. Recommended for quickly getting teeth a couple of shades lighter.